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Jan 8, Feb 5, Mar 5, Apr 1, May 7 & Jun 4
from 7:30pm to 9:00pm
SUE MALCOLM'S SLOW PITCH JAM at The ANZA Club, 3 West 8th Avenue at Ontario Street, Vancouver BC. Learn the ins and outs of bluegrass jamming in a very supportive atmosphere with a fantastic group of players. It's geared for beginners, but more advanced players find it a great way to practice new licks at a slower speed. It's also a wonderful way to learn new songs and meet other bluegrass lovers. Learn more and watch a short video HERE. Join Sue with her Highrise Lonesome bandmates Vic Smyth, Don Fraser, Jay Buckwold and Stu MacDonald to learn bluegrass the Slow Pitch Way. Sponsored by the Pacific Bluegrass and Heritage Society.

Tuesdays from April 17th to June 5th
7:15pm to 8:15pm
SUE MALCOLM'S ABSOLUTE BEGINNER FOLK GUITAR - Always wanted to learn guitar? Itís never too late! Sue is an experienced and patient instructor, specializing in adult beginners. No music reading required. By learning a few basic chords, you can accompany hundreds of songs and discover the fun of playing guitar!Learn by ear by playing and singing songs from the folk, country and bluegrass repertoire. Course # 148843 - Cost is $120. Registration is now open! In person registration at the Trout Lake Community Centre, 3360 Victoria Drive. Phone registration - 604.257.6955. On-line registration: here. All forms of payment are accepted.

Thursdays from April 19th to June 7th
7:00pm to 9:00pm
SUE MALCOLM's BLUEGRASS SLOW PITCH JAM CLASS - Learn the skills you need to join in a jam and play popular bluegrass songs at a slower pace. For all acoustic bluegrass instruments. Everyone is welcome from advanced beginners on up. You should be able to play basic chords or melody; speed is not necessary. An excellent way to practice your instrument, learn to play by ear, work on soloing, sing lead and harmony, and meet jamming buddies. The Slow Pitch Jam Songbook Vol. 2 is required - $20 in class or at Rufus and Bone Rattle. Course # 148844 - Cost is $120. Registration is now open! Register online here. In person registration at the Trout Lake Community Centre, 3360 Victoria Drive. Phone registration - 604-257-6955. All forms of payment are accepted.

Anytime! INDIVIDUAL OR SMALL CLASS INSTRUCTION - Learn guitar, vocals or bluegrass jamming techniques with Sue Malcolm in an individual or small group setting. To discuss how this would work for you, email Sue or call 604-215-2760.